Wednesday, May 6, 2015

How To Choose The Right Motorized Wheelchair?

Motorized wheelchair is bliss for those who are unable to complete their daily activities without the help of a power mobility device. Today, there are wide assortments of online wheelchairs and accessories available for disabled people and choosing an appropriate seems to be a daunting task. To make a right selection of motorized wheel chairs, here are a few points you must consider. 
  • Weight competence
Every electric wheelchair comes with certain weight limitations they can support. Generally, a basic chair can support weight up to 300 pounds, depending on the make and model. Whereas, a heavy duty power wheelchair can accommodate users of greater weight and size. For example, The Pride Mobility Quantum 1650 can easily carry maximum weight up to 650 pounds. 
  • Dimensions
The dimensions of the chair give you an idea of how well it can carry your body and how large the chair is. Basically, a motorized wheelchair is designed to pass through most hallways and doors. The width of the seat is a crucial aspect to be considered for those having larger body size. 
  • Range of the battery
If your aim is to use a motorized wheelchair to get around a place a lot, then it is important to consider the range of battery it provides. Usually, the range of the battery varies between makes and models, allowing the travelling distance between 10 and 25 miles on a one time charge. Just make sure that there are certain variables that can influence the range of the battery, including the type of terrain being travelled, batteries age and the user weight. 
  • Speed
Another most important aspect to consider when choosing a right motorized wheelchair is the speed. If you are seeking a wheelchair for a good pace, then consider buying a rear drive power wheelchair, which offers a speed limit up to 8.5 mph. 
  • Turning Radius
Turning radius is another crucial aspect to seek when choosing a right motorized wheelchair. Basically, this refers to the amount of vacant space needed in each direction to perform a complete turn of 360 degrees. Generally, turning radius include specifications like seat size, frame length, footrest angle and type. 
  • Portability
Portability is a key feature for those with an active lifestyle. The portable electric wheelchairs, such as Invacare Nutron R51 are best for easy transportation because of its fordable feature and travelling chairs like Pride Mobility Go-chair is best for no-hassle travel because of its dissembled and reassembled feature. 
  • Adjustability
There are many motorized wheelchairs available that comes with optional add-ons such as Pride Mobility Quantum 6000Z and Permobil HD3 Corpus. With the add-ons available, you can elevate, tilt and recline the seat for extra comfort. The standing power wheelchairs are also best as it allows either sit-down or stand-up position. 
  • Wheels
Certainly, good wheels can help you with greater mobility. Whether driving wheels are placed in the front, middle or back of the chair, make sure that it has a good controlling feature. Where mid-wheel drive chairs are maneuverable, rear-wheel drive chairs are best for greater speed. The wheels of motorized wheelchair can be either air filled or solid. Just be aware of the caster wheels as well. The smaller the caster wheels, the less appropriate the chair is for bumpy or uneven surfaces. 

No matter what kind of motorized wheelchair you choose, it is important to analyze your needs before buying it. Regardless of the matter in which corner of the world you stay, today, with the ease of online websites, you can buy wheelchairs equipment online from anywhere across the world. There are many online stores offering wheelchairs and accessories, catering to your needs and budget.