Sunday, August 9, 2015

How To Choose A Suitable Medical Bed For Home Care?


When you look at an advertisement of an adjustable bed, you imagine yourself enjoying and sleeping over it. The first thought that comes in your mind is how easy life would be with this adjustable bed. You can fiddle with bed’s back while reading, eating and doing other activities with this adjustable bed. This task is so simple, you just need to grab the controls and elevate the back in the right position. All thanks to the ever changing advancements in the bed technology as a result of which these flexible beds are existing and providing convenience to numerous people.

Adjustable beds are basically made for patients in the hospital. That is why these beds are also known as Hospital Beds,Medical Beds, or Patient’s Beds. But many people intend to get a similar bed either for a person recuperating at home or suffering from sleeping issues. Although it is a fun using these adjustable beds, but you cannot neglect the benefits associated like eradicate back, neck & hip pain, alleviate pressure points and perfect sleep positions. 

There are myriad of companies that offer these special adjustable beds with multiple features. You will also get to see numerous options in them like:

  • Stretcher: These are flat gurney with side rails used to transport patients.

  • Gatch: These are traditional adjustable bed with side rails and manual adjustment.

  • Circo-Electric: These beds contain circular bars that can be rotated for making adjustments. 
  • Low Air Loss: These are special air-filled cushion within the low air loss beds that offer flexible support to patients with burns and broken skin. 
  • Electric: These are modern hospital beds with side rails. These have electric operation with head and foot adjustments.

  • Clinitron: These are other example of manually adjustable low air loss beds that contains special mattresses filled with sand.
While shopping for an adjustable bed, you must know from where you have to start. Here is the basic checklist that will explain some key points that you should know while choosing such a bed.
  • Make sure you have complete knowledge regarding these adjustable beds and decided whether you are looking for a bed with manual or electric adjustment. Some beds just have an option of head portion elevation while others have both head and leg portion elevation options. So, make sure what kind of elevation you are looking.

  • You must understand that normal mattresses at your home will not work with these beds. You have to get new mattresses specifically designed for adjustable beds. 
  • These beds are available in different dimensions just like our normal beds like Twin, Full and Queen. Some of them have split/dual platforms like in king size bed.
  • Electric beds are available with two motors options- AC and DC motors. The most commonly used motor is DC as it operates at a quieter level. 
  • Adjustable beds have some limited weight lifting capacity. They can maximum lift 300lb or 400lb.these are some special beds that offer higher weight limits, but it could be on little higher side in terms of cost.

  • Some companies also give both wired and wireless adjustable bed options that completely depend on the personal preference of the individual.
Medical Gear For Life is an online home medical store from where you can easy get these adjustable beds at affordable rates. They have multiple options to offer in these beds that give you an ease in choosing the type of bed you are interested in. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Working and Added Benefits of Body Fat Heart Rate Monitors

 “What type of Body Fat Heart Rate Monitor you use?
This is the very common question people ask to their gym mates, morning
walk friends and aerobic class partners. This is a very hot topic among
the individuals who are health conscious and love to spend some quality
time in techno-speak. A very few people are familiar with this device
commonly known as “Heart Rate Monitor” or sometimes also called as:

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