Thursday, September 3, 2015

Foot Care Products And Their Importance

A small cut, blister or a scrape on your foot is just a “small thing” for many. It is just an “ouch” moment and then it’s over. It may not be a big deal for normal individuals, but those who are suffering from diabetes, it is a big deal. They have to meticulously perform the treatment of these kinds of wounds as they can result in a big problem. Daily foot care is essential in diabetes patients. You can show a little love and care to your feet as they work hard throughout the day. Ulcers, open sores and cuts can cause serious complications like infection. These can even result in amputation. 

Diabetic Foot Care: The Importance of Routine Care

The best way through which one can perform the finest foot care is through orthopedic shoes and foot care products available at Medical Gear For Life. We have a range of foot care products available at our store that provide comfort and ease to the people who are suffering from different diseases. We offer a notable collection of orthopedic sandals, orthopedic shoes, diabetic sandals, diabetic shoes, and orthopedic boots. These orthopedic shoes are available in a variety of styles, sizes and widths. You will also find an impressive collection of orthopedic slippers, arch supports, and other foot care products designed specifically to reduce the discomfort caused by diabetic foot problems, bunions, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, post-surgical healing, and other foot conditions.

Our Products Comprise of:
  • All Purpose Shoes
  • Arch Cushions
  • Bunion Bedder, Shield, Regulator
  • Callous, Corn & Wart Removers
  • Cam Walkers and Foot Walkers
  • Cast Boots
  • Drop Foot Brace
  • Foot Sprays, Balm, Lotions
  • Foot Water Massagers
  • Hammer Toe Regulators
  • Heel Cups
  • Heel Cushions & Pads
  • Insoles
  • Metarsal Cushions & Pads
  • Nail Clippers/ Nippers/Files
  • Post-Op Healing Shoes
  • Socks
  • Spenco Blister Products
  • Surgical Shoes
  • Toe Alignment Splint/Trainers
  • Toe Caps/Protectors/Cushions
  • Toe Combs
  • Toe Crests
  • Toe Immobilizer
  • Toe Spreader & Separators
Medical Gear For Life strives to provide quality foot care products. We carefully select the products keeping in mind different health and diseased conditions. We are not just a medical supply store, In fact, we are a one stop shop for those who are suffering from health issues and looking for solutions. We provide different medical supplies and equipment at your place at highly competitive rates. We have foot care products not only for medical patients, but also for the customers who have healthy feet and looking for comfortable and supportive shoes. Our goal is to help you maintain healthy feet.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

How To Choose A Suitable Medical Bed For Home Care?


When you look at an advertisement of an adjustable bed, you imagine yourself enjoying and sleeping over it. The first thought that comes in your mind is how easy life would be with this adjustable bed. You can fiddle with bed’s back while reading, eating and doing other activities with this adjustable bed. This task is so simple, you just need to grab the controls and elevate the back in the right position. All thanks to the ever changing advancements in the bed technology as a result of which these flexible beds are existing and providing convenience to numerous people.

Adjustable beds are basically made for patients in the hospital. That is why these beds are also known as Hospital Beds,Medical Beds, or Patient’s Beds. But many people intend to get a similar bed either for a person recuperating at home or suffering from sleeping issues. Although it is a fun using these adjustable beds, but you cannot neglect the benefits associated like eradicate back, neck & hip pain, alleviate pressure points and perfect sleep positions. 

There are myriad of companies that offer these special adjustable beds with multiple features. You will also get to see numerous options in them like:

  • Stretcher: These are flat gurney with side rails used to transport patients.

  • Gatch: These are traditional adjustable bed with side rails and manual adjustment.

  • Circo-Electric: These beds contain circular bars that can be rotated for making adjustments. 
  • Low Air Loss: These are special air-filled cushion within the low air loss beds that offer flexible support to patients with burns and broken skin. 
  • Electric: These are modern hospital beds with side rails. These have electric operation with head and foot adjustments.

  • Clinitron: These are other example of manually adjustable low air loss beds that contains special mattresses filled with sand.
While shopping for an adjustable bed, you must know from where you have to start. Here is the basic checklist that will explain some key points that you should know while choosing such a bed.
  • Make sure you have complete knowledge regarding these adjustable beds and decided whether you are looking for a bed with manual or electric adjustment. Some beds just have an option of head portion elevation while others have both head and leg portion elevation options. So, make sure what kind of elevation you are looking.

  • You must understand that normal mattresses at your home will not work with these beds. You have to get new mattresses specifically designed for adjustable beds. 
  • These beds are available in different dimensions just like our normal beds like Twin, Full and Queen. Some of them have split/dual platforms like in king size bed.
  • Electric beds are available with two motors options- AC and DC motors. The most commonly used motor is DC as it operates at a quieter level. 
  • Adjustable beds have some limited weight lifting capacity. They can maximum lift 300lb or 400lb.these are some special beds that offer higher weight limits, but it could be on little higher side in terms of cost.

  • Some companies also give both wired and wireless adjustable bed options that completely depend on the personal preference of the individual.
Medical Gear For Life is an online home medical store from where you can easy get these adjustable beds at affordable rates. They have multiple options to offer in these beds that give you an ease in choosing the type of bed you are interested in. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Working and Added Benefits of Body Fat Heart Rate Monitors

 “What type of Body Fat Heart Rate Monitor you use?
This is the very common question people ask to their gym mates, morning
walk friends and aerobic class partners. This is a very hot topic among
the individuals who are health conscious and love to spend some quality
time in techno-speak. A very few people are familiar with this device
commonly known as “Heart Rate Monitor” or sometimes also called as:

Original article here - Working and Added Benefits of Body Fat Heart Rate Monitors

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Types Of Wound Dressings And Their Benefits

Types of Wound Dressing
A small cut, puncture or a blunt force causes an injury which is scientifically known as a wound. Wound care is critical which involves consideration of all factors affecting not only the wound but also the patient. The purpose of instant medical care of wounds is essential to prevent complications and preserve function. Wounds, whether chronic or acute, need immediate attention by a physician to outline the approach to treatment.

Most of us have sustained several small wounds throughout our life while participating in daily activities. Some minor wounds can be caused due to skin cell damage. These wounds take time and simple treatments to heal. These are generally superficial wounds, which are limited to the outer layer of the skin. But deep wounds can vary from simple to life threatening that needs expert advice and care. The main part of treatment includes wound dressings. There is a wide array of wound dressing options available in the market. 

The Purpose of Each Type of Dressing is to
  • Prevent bleeding from the wound and initiate clotting so that it can heal
  • Absorb excess blood, plasma and other fluids
  • Wound debridement
  • Start the healing process
People have a question in their mind on what type of dressing is right for their wound. All wounds differ, the dressing types also vary. Different types of dressings are designed according to the wound type so that it can perfectly cover the wound and last for a long time. The extent and amount of exudate, any necrotic (dead) tissue, any infection and several other factors are also kept in mind while selecting the dressing type. Medical Gear For Life offers different types of wound dressings. These include:

  • 3M Medical Dressing: This dressing type is the perfect option to managing all kinds of wounds varying from acute to chronic and surgical. 3M has a broad dressing range, which helps in achieving treatment objectives and giving maximum patient care. Tegaderm Transparent Dressing is available in several sizes depending upon the size of wound like- 2 3/8 X 2 3/4 Bx/20, 4 X 10 Bx/20, Sq. 10cm X 10cm Bx 5, etc. 

  • Beiersdorf Adhesive Strips: These adhesive strips by Beiersdorf are commonly used for wound care. These are suitable for grazed knee wounds, minor injuries, small incisions, foot wounds and many more. 

  • Beiersdorf Bandage: These are designed for wounds like small cuts, abrasion of the heal and scrapes. They quickly absorb liquid, and its extra-large wound pad has the ability to absorb 10 times that of its own weight in water. These bandages provide a perfect environment for healing.

  • Convatec Dressings: Their special AQUACEL Dressing has a unique gelling action that locks in bacteria and exudate. These dressings have outstanding retention and absorption capabilities, reduce wound pain and support wound healing.

  • Economical Dressing: Adhesive Silicone Gel Scar Sheets, Multi Trauma Dressing Sterile and Silicone Sheets, Self-Adhesive, Fabric Cover are some of the most economical dressing types. As their name indicates, these are highly affordable and effective on wounds. 

  • Eye Pads & Patches: These are special cloth patches often used by individuals to cover their injured or lost eye. It is also used as a part of therapeutic treatment of amblyopia. 

  • J&J Dressings: Johnson & Johnson is a famous brand offering healing tissue bandages that are adaptive and non-sticky. These are made using knitted cellulose acetate and saturated with a specifically formulated petroleum emulsion designed to protect the wound.

  • Kendall Dressings: These are foam dressings that support a moist, bacterial environment. It is highly functional against common bacteria, but lasts up to 7 days. These are compliant with most protocols. These are absolutely safe and cost-effective.

  • Skin Closure Strips: These strips protect, close and support small incisions and wounds. These are highly breathable and provide an added comfort. 

  • Smith & Nephew Dressings: These dressings work backwards from the human body, transpire just the right amount and keep each wound at the optimal moisture level. These are specifically made for chronic wounds providing the patient with the best wound closure. 

  • Spenco Burn Pads: Spenco Burn Pads stop blister, prevent damage from friction and rubbing. These pads flatten the burn area which will help restore skin.

Apart from wound dressings, Medical Gear For Life also offers latest medical equipment and supplies for medical and senior care. Our aim in providing medical supplies is Privacy, Choice, and Convenience delivered right to your door.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Benefits for Massage Therapy to the Elderly

A good massage is a boon if done correctly. As you age, your body starts slowing down. This process of slowing down makes a person weak and fragile. Regular massage therapy is the best way to rejuvenate your muscles and feel much healthier. However, the massage therapy used for elderly is quite different as compared to the method used to massage an adult. It helps in improving the quality of life, allowing elderly to feel balanced, younger and healthier.

Read Below The Benefits of Massage Therapy That Senior Can Get

  • Improve Circulation

Healthy blood circulation and lymph is very crucial for elderly. This is because they are more vulnerable to reduced or dropped off circulation. The dropped off circulation becomes severe if you are a diabetic. Regular massage along with a precise workout plan can help you in preventing the complications linked to the ailment. Moreover, massage therapy improved lymph flow from the body, which can boost your energy level and recover your injuries as well. According to the reports of Mayo Clinic, massage therapy is a windfall for improved circulation.

  • Lessen Pain and stiffness
Pain and stiffness in the joints and muscles is a major concern of many elderly. Massage therapy is the best treatment for them. A massage therapist is the one who knows the effective massage techniques like tapping, skin rolling and light kneading to activate the soft joints, tendons and muscles. A proper massage also helps in reducing inflammation-related pains in the joints, which upholds the joint motion restoration. It also plays a crucial role enhancing your ability to execute daily activities.

  • Improve overall health
Whether you are having a minor or major health issue, massage therapy can provide numerous benefits to your health. It can help in improving the posture, motion and provide you relief from pains or aches. With regular sessions, it helps in providing flexibility and seniors will identify less tension, stress, and anxiety along with temporary reprieve from depression.

  • Best for Arthritis

Considered as the “Wear and Tear” disease, Arthritis the most common ailment associated with the joints. This ailment causes joint pain, deformity, reduced joint faction and loss of function, which makes elderly helpless and difficult to move.

Massage therapy is often recommended for those who have been diagnosed with Arthritis or Osteoarthritis. According to many research studies, regular massage is very effective in lessening stiffness, pain and improves functional capabilities. However, the results are not permanent, but still it allows seniors to get relief till the next session of the therapy.

  • Improve Digestion

As the age grows, the digestion system becomes weak. It makes difficult for elderly to digest food. The massage therapy relaxes the body and speed up the digestive system. The therapist uses their hands gently to massage elderly in such a way that it gives ease to their digestive system and make it stronger.

  • Improves Postural stability and balance
Elderly often has a major concern linked with sustaining serious injury due to falling. However, if an elderly has been properly massaged, then he/she will easily improve their balance as well as postural stability. Massage therapy is an effective option for elderly who are suffering from disorders due to aging. Other than this, massage is best to boost lymphatic flow, relieve headaches, and deepen sleep.

During the second half of the 20th century, there is an increase in the average life span. With the access of the Baby Boomers, the population of 65 years old people has increased to a large extent. The growing age has put elderly to a greater risk for many health problems, such as high blood pressure, postural inability, Alzheimer’s and many more. However, according to the research, the best way to manage these issues is the massage therapy designed especially for seniors.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

How To Choose The Right Motorized Wheelchair?

Motorized wheelchair is bliss for those who are unable to complete their daily activities without the help of a power mobility device. Today, there are wide assortments of online wheelchairs and accessories available for disabled people and choosing an appropriate seems to be a daunting task. To make a right selection of motorized wheel chairs, here are a few points you must consider. 
  • Weight competence
Every electric wheelchair comes with certain weight limitations they can support. Generally, a basic chair can support weight up to 300 pounds, depending on the make and model. Whereas, a heavy duty power wheelchair can accommodate users of greater weight and size. For example, The Pride Mobility Quantum 1650 can easily carry maximum weight up to 650 pounds. 
  • Dimensions
The dimensions of the chair give you an idea of how well it can carry your body and how large the chair is. Basically, a motorized wheelchair is designed to pass through most hallways and doors. The width of the seat is a crucial aspect to be considered for those having larger body size. 
  • Range of the battery
If your aim is to use a motorized wheelchair to get around a place a lot, then it is important to consider the range of battery it provides. Usually, the range of the battery varies between makes and models, allowing the travelling distance between 10 and 25 miles on a one time charge. Just make sure that there are certain variables that can influence the range of the battery, including the type of terrain being travelled, batteries age and the user weight. 
  • Speed
Another most important aspect to consider when choosing a right motorized wheelchair is the speed. If you are seeking a wheelchair for a good pace, then consider buying a rear drive power wheelchair, which offers a speed limit up to 8.5 mph. 
  • Turning Radius
Turning radius is another crucial aspect to seek when choosing a right motorized wheelchair. Basically, this refers to the amount of vacant space needed in each direction to perform a complete turn of 360 degrees. Generally, turning radius include specifications like seat size, frame length, footrest angle and type. 
  • Portability
Portability is a key feature for those with an active lifestyle. The portable electric wheelchairs, such as Invacare Nutron R51 are best for easy transportation because of its fordable feature and travelling chairs like Pride Mobility Go-chair is best for no-hassle travel because of its dissembled and reassembled feature. 
  • Adjustability
There are many motorized wheelchairs available that comes with optional add-ons such as Pride Mobility Quantum 6000Z and Permobil HD3 Corpus. With the add-ons available, you can elevate, tilt and recline the seat for extra comfort. The standing power wheelchairs are also best as it allows either sit-down or stand-up position. 
  • Wheels
Certainly, good wheels can help you with greater mobility. Whether driving wheels are placed in the front, middle or back of the chair, make sure that it has a good controlling feature. Where mid-wheel drive chairs are maneuverable, rear-wheel drive chairs are best for greater speed. The wheels of motorized wheelchair can be either air filled or solid. Just be aware of the caster wheels as well. The smaller the caster wheels, the less appropriate the chair is for bumpy or uneven surfaces. 

No matter what kind of motorized wheelchair you choose, it is important to analyze your needs before buying it. Regardless of the matter in which corner of the world you stay, today, with the ease of online websites, you can buy wheelchairs equipment online from anywhere across the world. There are many online stores offering wheelchairs and accessories, catering to your needs and budget.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Get in touch with the many benefits of Massage Therapy

Most manual hospital beds require a lot of manpower to operate, for maximum ease of use and comfort, our electric hospital beds are a great value.  We have solved the dilemma of purchasing individual accessories to make your electric bed and manual beds complete, Medical Gear For Life offers a variety of manual and electric beds to fit most users needs.

To help reduce any potential injuries from falls these beds are build low to the ground and are convenient for elderly or sick people who have difficulties getting up or getting down on the beds.  Our beds are build from steel and have lifetime warranties on the welds, they are intended for long term care.  

Our heavy duty Bariatric beds are built with extra-strength parts to make it capable of supporting up to 1000 pounds.  Heavy duty frames ensures strength and patient safety and no tools are needed for setup. There is an emergency back-up manual crank in case the electric hand controls fail.

Medical Gear For Life carries all the necessary bed accessories you need for manual and electric beds.  

Get in touch with the many benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is no more readily available simply through deluxe health spas and high end health clubs. Today, massage treatment is offered at work places, massage centers, medical facilities as well as airport terminals. If you've never ever tried massage therapy, learn about its feasible health and wellness advantages and just what to expect during a massage therapy session.

Exactly what is massage?

Massage is a basic term for pushing, rubbing and also controlling your skin, muscles, and also ligaments.  Massage therapists usually utilize their hands as well as fingers for massage, yet some like to utilize their forearms, arm joints as well as feet

Massage therapy could range from light stroking to deep pressure.
There are lots of various types of massage therapy, including these usual kinds:

Swedish Massage Therapy: This is a mild form of massage therapy that utilizes long movements, massaging, deep circular motions, resonance as well as tapping to assist unwind and stimulate you.
Deep massage therapy. This massage therapy method makes use of slower, more-forceful movements to target the further layers of muscle mass and also connective cells, generally to assist with muscle mass harm from injuries.

Sports Massage: This resembles Swedish massage therapy, but it's tailored toward individuals involved in sport tasks that can help protect against or deal with injuries.

Trigger Point Massage: This massage focuses on locations of tight muscle fibers that could develop in your muscle mass after injuries or overuse.

Perks of massage.

  • Massage therapy is normally taken into consideration part of complementary as well as holistic medicine. It's progressively being offered together with basic treatment for a vast array of clinical disorders and scenarios.
  • Research studies of the perks of massage therapy demonstrate that it is an effective therapy for decreasing tension, discomfort and also muscle tension.
  • Beyond the benefits for specific problems or diseases, some people enjoy massage therapy considering that it typically involves caring, convenience, a feeling of empowerment and also creating deep links with their massage therapist.

 Medical Gear For Life offers various massage tables, foot massage, massage lotions, massage chairs, and massage accessory products

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Slide Boards Can Help Joggers Train

For those who have no idea, a Slide Board is a simple cross-training tool that can be used to simulate the movements of inline or ice skating. The board is made up of a smooth sliding surface - like Formica, laminated aluminum panels or laminated wood panels - that lays across the floor with end stops on each side to keep the slide board stable. 
A skater can use a slide board to duplicate many speed skating or hockey skating movements as a way that can help perfect technique and fitness outside of the winter months.
While I acknowledge that joggers do not "skate" throughout their sporting activity, I still locate it to be an invaluable piece of equipment.

Joggers need to be gliding for several factors;

1. WEIGHT LOSS.  Burning of unwanted calories as a fun,  
     easy-to-do of cardiovascular exercise for children and adults.

    Improved hip stability, strength, endurance, recovery and   
    reduction in risk of injury

    As it can supply a sturdy metabolic stimulation with a fairly low 
    impact the slideboard can be an exceptional addition to a cross 
    training program of both healthy and also damaged sportsmen. 
   The extra physical fitness, while not movement particular to the
    sport, can still work as a great general stimulation for total 
    development of both cardiovascular as well as anaerobic 
    endurance. The key is in just how the workout is organized.

I hope that you now have a better understanding of why the slide board can be an excellent addition to a runner's fitness programs. Our goal is to achieve optimum balance, and also anything that forces a jogger far from his regular patterns can be a good thing.
Let’s all Train Hard and Train Smart.