Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Types Of Wound Dressings And Their Benefits

Types of Wound Dressing
A small cut, puncture or a blunt force causes an injury which is scientifically known as a wound. Wound care is critical which involves consideration of all factors affecting not only the wound but also the patient. The purpose of instant medical care of wounds is essential to prevent complications and preserve function. Wounds, whether chronic or acute, need immediate attention by a physician to outline the approach to treatment.

Most of us have sustained several small wounds throughout our life while participating in daily activities. Some minor wounds can be caused due to skin cell damage. These wounds take time and simple treatments to heal. These are generally superficial wounds, which are limited to the outer layer of the skin. But deep wounds can vary from simple to life threatening that needs expert advice and care. The main part of treatment includes wound dressings. There is a wide array of wound dressing options available in the market. 

The Purpose of Each Type of Dressing is to
  • Prevent bleeding from the wound and initiate clotting so that it can heal
  • Absorb excess blood, plasma and other fluids
  • Wound debridement
  • Start the healing process
People have a question in their mind on what type of dressing is right for their wound. All wounds differ, the dressing types also vary. Different types of dressings are designed according to the wound type so that it can perfectly cover the wound and last for a long time. The extent and amount of exudate, any necrotic (dead) tissue, any infection and several other factors are also kept in mind while selecting the dressing type. Medical Gear For Life offers different types of wound dressings. These include:

  • 3M Medical Dressing: This dressing type is the perfect option to managing all kinds of wounds varying from acute to chronic and surgical. 3M has a broad dressing range, which helps in achieving treatment objectives and giving maximum patient care. Tegaderm Transparent Dressing is available in several sizes depending upon the size of wound like- 2 3/8 X 2 3/4 Bx/20, 4 X 10 Bx/20, Sq. 10cm X 10cm Bx 5, etc. 

  • Beiersdorf Adhesive Strips: These adhesive strips by Beiersdorf are commonly used for wound care. These are suitable for grazed knee wounds, minor injuries, small incisions, foot wounds and many more. 

  • Beiersdorf Bandage: These are designed for wounds like small cuts, abrasion of the heal and scrapes. They quickly absorb liquid, and its extra-large wound pad has the ability to absorb 10 times that of its own weight in water. These bandages provide a perfect environment for healing.

  • Convatec Dressings: Their special AQUACEL Dressing has a unique gelling action that locks in bacteria and exudate. These dressings have outstanding retention and absorption capabilities, reduce wound pain and support wound healing.

  • Economical Dressing: Adhesive Silicone Gel Scar Sheets, Multi Trauma Dressing Sterile and Silicone Sheets, Self-Adhesive, Fabric Cover are some of the most economical dressing types. As their name indicates, these are highly affordable and effective on wounds. 

  • Eye Pads & Patches: These are special cloth patches often used by individuals to cover their injured or lost eye. It is also used as a part of therapeutic treatment of amblyopia. 

  • J&J Dressings: Johnson & Johnson is a famous brand offering healing tissue bandages that are adaptive and non-sticky. These are made using knitted cellulose acetate and saturated with a specifically formulated petroleum emulsion designed to protect the wound.

  • Kendall Dressings: These are foam dressings that support a moist, bacterial environment. It is highly functional against common bacteria, but lasts up to 7 days. These are compliant with most protocols. These are absolutely safe and cost-effective.

  • Skin Closure Strips: These strips protect, close and support small incisions and wounds. These are highly breathable and provide an added comfort. 

  • Smith & Nephew Dressings: These dressings work backwards from the human body, transpire just the right amount and keep each wound at the optimal moisture level. These are specifically made for chronic wounds providing the patient with the best wound closure. 

  • Spenco Burn Pads: Spenco Burn Pads stop blister, prevent damage from friction and rubbing. These pads flatten the burn area which will help restore skin.

Apart from wound dressings, Medical Gear For Life also offers latest medical equipment and supplies for medical and senior care. Our aim in providing medical supplies is Privacy, Choice, and Convenience delivered right to your door.